LED Christmas Lights from Portland, OR

A sparkling Christmas tree during the holidays. A lit-up patio on a summer evening. A canopy of lights over your child’s bed. The uses for your LED Christmas lights are virtually endless.

At River City Lights, we sell wholesale Christmas lights that are sturdy, durable, and long lasting. These strings produce a consistent output of light. They’re the brightest LED bulb we offer, and their output is not affected by the angle from which they’re viewed. What more could anyone look for in a strand of Christmas lights?

 Brighten Your Holiday in Portland, OR 

You might install your lights on the mantle one year and on your rooftop the next. So, why not purchase a strand that is made for indoor and outdoor usage? Our 5 mm style lights offer this advantage and other attractive features. This product also offers:

  •     An average lifespan of 100,000 to 200,000 hours
  •     UV protection (to protect against fading or peeling)
  •     Vibrant, festive colors
  •     Poly bag packaging (to ensure ease of installation)
  •     Max sets connected
  •     3.6 watts per set
  •     .02 amps per set
  •     Water tightness
  •     Single mold construction
  •     Solid epoxy bulbs that are non-breakable
  •     Better efficiency than incandescent bulbs (by about 90%)
  •     Longer lasting than traditional mini bulbs (by almost 16x)
  •     Commercial quality

Perhaps the best feature is that if one bulb goes out, it won’t affect the other lights.

Still not sure if our wholesale products are right for you? We’re happy to outline a few more details. Each strand matches the following specs:

  •     White, brown, or green 22-gauge wire
  •     50 lights per strand
  •     Tail length of 6”
  •     Lead length of 6”
  •     String length of 25’
  •     6” spacing between bulbs

This holiday season, you want to foster a cheerful Christmas spirit. Our 5 mm LED lights will help you do just that.

Make a Purchase or Request More Info

If you’d like to learn more about our strands of Christmas lights, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can answer your questions and assist you in making a purchase. Reach out to our Portland, OR office by visiting our contact page.