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C7-C9 Falling Icicle Bulbs

Falling Icicle LED lights simulate actual snowfall with diodes illuminating the molded bulb at various falling speeds
Available in lengths of 5″” 7″” 12″” 18″” 9″” 24″
Cool white lights mimic the color of snow and ice
Nickel base prevents corrosion
LED bulbs save energy and last longer
7/8″ diameter bulb is constructed with durable acrylic plastic
Nickel base prevents corrosion for long life
Long lasting bulb life: 60,000 average hours
Mix / Match Falling Icicle tubes for a unique lighting display.

C7 & C9 Led RETROFIT Bulbs

5 LED’s per bulb
Base: E17(intermediate)
Cover: Plastic
Power: .96 Watts per bulb
Voltage: 120V
Bulb Life Rating: 60,000 Hours
Indoor/Outdoor use
80%+ energy savings compared to traditional incandescent bulbs
25 bulbs / Box
1000 bulbs / Case


Retro Fit bulbs look great on roof lines!

Screw in LED Bulbs (also called Retro Fit bulbs) go in your existing C7 or C9 wire. LED bulbs use .96 watts of electricity compared to 5 watts that C7 use and 7 watts that C9 use.