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At River City Lights, we know Quality, Price and Timing is everything  when doing a lighting job.  We are here to make you look good.  It's our number #1 goal.  We have been in the  Wholesale Industry 18 years serving the USA and Canada,  

We ship anywhere in the USA or Canada and now Mexico.

Will Call Pick up at our Portland, Oregon Warehouse Available too!   Call for details.


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River City lights wholesale Christmas led outdoor lights has been proudly serving Professional designers and landscapers for over 18 years. We carry so much more than just Wholesale White Christmas Lights. But we do LOVE our warm white LED lights all year long.  Whether you are a business, wedding or city street we've go you covered.  We carry only commercial grade lighting and foliage guaranteeing you see your project shine from top to bottom. 



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Our Commercial Grade Christmas Lights will have you creating top award-winning design accolades time and again.  We bring passion and enthusiasm for every project our customers can dream up.  We deliver only the best quality LED Christmas lights and products so you can concentrate on what you do best.   We look forward to helping you.  Join our mailing list.